Thursday, February 27, 2014

And the winner is ...

Ms Katharina Schiller, Master student of the Food Security Center (FSC, University of Hohenheim) has won the first price in the Open Competition with her article on riverbed farming (click here to read the article).
Last year, she conducted research on leasehold riverbed farming for landless and landpoor households in the Terai, a technology that is promoted by one of SATNET Asia's associates Helvetas in Nepal.
Her article will help to disseminate high quality information on this sustainable technology to a wide audience. A factsheet and further detailed information on riverbed farming will also be available in the SATNET Asia online data base shortly. is a wiki that focuses on agricultural water management and the challenge of achieving food security in the context of climate change in developing countries.
Many thanks to Helvetas Nepal for facilitating Ms. Schiller's research.
Ms. Schiller: Congratulations!

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